“I am a ritual queen, my life is one big moving ritual”

Each and every Sacred Ritual has been lovingly created with your healing in mind. Your magickal blend of words, intentions and specifically chosen ingredients will ensure a luxe, spiritual and beautiful experience. Depending on the nature of your ritual you will receive the elements particular to your own journey. 


Tailor-made sacred rituals for you and your specific needs.

Maybe you want to gift a special birthday ritual to a loved one, celebrate a graduation, new start, pregnancy, or engagement. Through ritual we can make sense of and feel held through any rite of passage. The perfect gift for yourself or another. Using all my knowledge, wisdom and  intuition, I will craft the perfect ritual for you and this moment. You’ll receive a luxe keepsake box filled with every item you’ll require for your transformation, celebration blessing or healing. Can include items such as crystals, candles, Loulabel botanical wellness products, spells, herbs, teas, books, occult and esoteric items. A beautiful ritual scroll will guide you all the way through. 

You should allow up to 10 working days to craft and source all of the ritual ingredients especially for your bespoke, tailor-made experience.

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke ritual.

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