Reiki is my speciality. I love energy healing, it’s transformed my life completely with it’s huge, subtle and glorious effects.

I am ecstatic and honoured to share the ancient healing art of Reiki and all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gathered on my own energy healing journey with you. It’s a joy for me to spread the love of Reiki even further.

I have curated deep healing journeys for you.

All offerings are remote healing sessions. Receive the power of Reiki in the comfort of your own home. Reiki is not governed by the human constructs for space and time and reaches you effortlessly through the quantum field. It is quite magical and mind blowing yet completely grounded in science.


The source and I are aligned! I use all the elements, fire, water, earth and air to guide me to your chakras and discover what’s happening for you energetically.

You’ll be cleansed, healed, charged, blocks and sticky stagnant energy released. After your session, I will talk with you about my findings and offer guidance for your forward journey.

Reiki is beneficial for deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension, dissolves energy blocks to restore harmony and balance to your mind, body and soul, strengthens the body’s self healing ability and immune system, relieves physical and emotional pain, improves sleep and deepens spiritual growth and development.

You can find my Roaming Reiki Ritual For Deep Healing in my Shop page under Sacred Rituals. The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one.

My reiki sessions are powerfully transformative journeys of soul awakening.

I read your energy, feel into how it’s flowing.

I pick up on your physical, emotional, mental + spiritual levels. Channelling pure life force energy I guide it to balance your energy centres, clear any blocks or negative sticky energy to shift your state and have you thriving and living at full capacity!

I welcome you into my sanctuary space or connect by the magick of Zoom for one blissful hour and I will guide you through every step.

We’ll begin with a short check in to see if you have a point of focus for our session and set our intention for your healing.

I’ll guide you into a meditative state, connect and communicate with your energetic body, guide you back up to waking then, when you’re ready feed back my discoveries and prescribe journal prompts, rituals or practises for even further and deeper healing.

Are you hearing the call?

Book your Roaming Reiki distance healing.